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We prefer to deliver our parrots through air services. It promises both safety and speedy delivery of our parrots. The whole process enables smooth and friendly delivery. Our team locates the nearest airport to us from American, United, or Continental Airline’s Pet-Safe and dispatches the parrot to the nearest airport of your location.

We have tried to draft a speedy and hassle-free mechanism of shipping to ease out the efforts of both the team and the delivery agent. After shipping the parrot is delivered to your doorstep within 3-4 hours varying based on your delivery location. The customer is also provided with a tracking id on the successful placement of order to track the whole process, and we will put our heart and soul to improve and make the process more transparent.

The safety of the parrots is our primary concern. Thus, we have designated a team for the accomplishment of the same. Our team ships the puppies in an airline-approved plastic pet kennel that we had customized based on the weight of the specific parrot, the distance or duration of the journey. The team collaborates with the airline services to provide a special climate-controlled & pressurized compartment on the plane for the parrots to ride safely and with the least discomfort. The parrots are not kept in the chamber as the passenger luggage.

The designated team has taken every minute step to safeguard the delivery by marking the shipping crates with bold and vibrant colors stating “LIVE ANIMALS”,‘UP”, “FRAGILE” stickers to bring into attention that the containers should be handled with utmost care. We also make sure to mention the complete details of the delivery details such as the destination airport, the confirmation number, the phone & the address of the customer. Before shipping the parrot in that crate, we try to make him familiar with the same to make him comfortable and not feel trapped in the same. This helps in eradicating the fear of crate from his mind, and he travels happily during the journey. Taking into consideration, the unforeseen circumstances and possible delay of the trip we keep stacks of food and water in the shipping crate so that the parrot is well nourished. Although the parrots are well taken care of while traveling, and we make sure that they face no such difficulty. Still, our team puts their best efforts to minimize the time as much as possible. The team has made every effort to have good relations with the airlines to book the shortest route & always schedule direct flights if possible.

We keep track of the weather conditions in advance to schedule the shipping accordingly. For us, the parrots’ health is above all other factors, and we would never ship if we could locate any discrepancy or negative possibility for the parrot. Our team is so efficient that it offers to serve seven days a week. We at our every step ensures the safe & healthy arrival of your parrot. The parrots are so gullible and sensitive that they take a couple of days to adjust to new surroundings but soon mingle with all happily once they get to know their new homes, in some cases, it takes them a few moments to settle in. Still, by far, most of our clients revert to us happily saying that the parrot just hops right out of the shipping crate & acts as if he is at home.

Nanny shipping

This is the safest and goes to approach for the delivery of the puppies. Most of our clients are worried about the parrots knowing that they would be traveling alone on a plane packed in a crate.

They believe that it would be more productive and safe if a person would travel along with it to take care of the parrot while going and would be a boon in case of emergency. The customers are also doubly sure that the parrots would arrive safely through in-hand delivery.

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