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Like all the members of the African parrot family, the Red bellied parrot is an intelligent bird and makes a wonderful family pet. These parrots have a lot of awesome traits – they are affectionate, fun and playful, and they are great talkers. With its friendly personality, talking skills and the beautiful looks to boot, this bird is sure to charm you. So if you’re looking for a vibrant pet that is full of life and goofy tricks, then these African parrots could be a perfect choice.

These are some of the best talkers in the African parrot family. And with all their other great traits, they make lovely pets.

Native Region/Natural Habitat


Red bellied parrots are native to the regions in Eastern Africa. This includes parts of modern Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania, stretching towards the Horn of Africa. They nest in tree hollows and flock in semi-arid, dry savannas and local brush land. They usually flock close to fresh water sources. Luckily, these parrots have great populations both in the wild and in captivity, all thanks to stricter laws and controlled breeding programs. They are common as pets all over the world.

Overall Description

These parrots are relatively small when compared to their close cousins, with adults reaching an average length of 9 inches (23 centimeters). They are also easy to distinguish – males and females of the Red bellied parrot breed are visibly different. These differences are mainly related to color on the chest. Like all other smaller parrots, they too are very energetic and sometimes mischievous and require a lot of space. Keeping your pet parrot limited to his cage is not advised – it can quickly lead to problems.

Speech and Sounds

Most parrots that are natural to Africa are great talkers and mimics. These birds are no exception. Red bellied parrot can pick up simple words from an early age and build up a small vocabulary. These are often commonly repeated words and sounds. With a clear, slightly “artificial” voice, they will mimic and chat as much as they like. But besides all this, they are not too noisy and can be a good choice for apartment settings.

With bold and vibrant color accents that contrast the grey, the Red Bellied parrots are unique and pretty looking birds. The females are mostly grey, with the lower belly bright green. The males are different – while the wings and upper body are lighter grey, the belly is bright orange. They have unique, hawk-like beaks, and the distinct red irises. This intriguing combination certainly gives them a one of a kind look that simply commands attention!

African parrots are always unique, and Red bellied parrot is no exception- these are some beautiful birds!

Care and Feeding

Seeds, fruits, and Acacia plants are their favorite foods in the wild. A commercial seed mix for parrots will be a good start for a healthy diet. You should always offer them some fresh fruits and green vegetables. Added vitamins and nutrients are essential, and a cuttlebone is an excellent choice for that.

A preventive for all diseases is good hygiene. Baths, clean cages, and food and water dishes – make this your priority.

Health and Common Conditions

These are generally robust and hardy birds. They spend their average lifespan of 20 years without many troubles along the way. Regular checkups, good amount of attention and interaction, and a lot of free space will help immensely. To be on guard, remember some of the usual symptoms of sickness – heavy, labored breathing, apathy, and complete loss of appetite. Avoid extreme cold or heat, which can quickly deteriorate your parrot’s health. Always strive for the optimal conditions.

Red Bellied parrots are strong and healthy. Keep them that way by taking care of all the essential conditions and interacting with your pet.

Personality & Behavior

These little African goofs are quite a lot of fun. With a generally friendly, sociable and energetic personality, there isn’t a lot you can complain about. Just make sure they get the freedom to explore, play with their toys and enjoy that cuddle every now and then. You will be quickly charmed by their natural tendency to learn new tricks, talk and generally be a silly, acrobatic little pet. There’s no doubt that they will become the favorite of the family.


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Red bellied parrot for sale

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Description Red Bellied Parrot for sale   Red Bellied Parrot for sale, also known as the Orange-bellied Parrot, is a very pretty and intelligent small parrot. A great companion bird, they provide much amusement with their playful nature and talking ability. They are quite similar to other popular Poicephalus parrots, like the Meyer’s Parrot and the Senegal Parrot. But they are slightly larger, their eyes have a red iris rather than yellow, and they are sexually dimorphic. The male and female are both greenish gray in color, but the male has an orange-red belly, hence their common names of Red-Bellied or Orange-Bellied Parrot. As with other Poicephalus parrots, the Red Bellied Parrots are very playful and natural comics. Red bellied parrots are extremely enjoyable pet birds and fascinating to watch even years after you’ve brought them home. They love to have interesting and interactive toys, anything that is a puzzle. They will hang upside down from anything they can dangle from. If you give them a hand held toy they will frequently lie upside down and play with their feet. They are very amusing and they enjoy hearing you laugh at their antics. These parrots do learn to say a few words and some can become very good talkers. They may be the best talkers of the Poicephalus genus. They are capable of a few words or maybe a phrase by the time they’re three months old. These parrots love to imitate whistles and can learn to whistle a certain tune based on a verbal cue. They are very easy to train. With a little patience and tons of repetition they can learn to do many things on cue such as; whistle, talk, and even flap their wings. The Red bellied Parrots enjoy human interaction and have a very friendly personality, making them endearing companions. They adapt well to routine and become accustomed to the habits of their owners. Plan on spending an hour or so a day in some type of interaction with this little guy as he is a social creature. But like the Senegal it can also become very attached to one human companion, becoming quite possessive and jealous.   Social Behaviors of Red bellied parrot   These birds are extremely social and will often show off for company, letting everyone know what new words, whistles, and phrases they have added to their vocabulary; sometimes without you having ever heard them before. If you Red-Bellied Parrot gets regular time out of the cage, it will be more willing to try relationships with more people, and, indeed, other animals . As with any bird, if your Red-Bellied Parrot’s wings are clipped, they are much easier to train. This also increases its dependence upon you, relying on your hand to be the ‘elevator’ to where it wants to go.   Care and feeding of Red bellied parrots   A pet bird will enjoy a varied diet, including a seed mix with safflower, and many fresh fruits and vegetables. Formulated diets should only be fed as a supplement, not as the only food, but they can be fun when they come in a variety of different flavors. Red-Bellied Parrots enjoy many fruits and vegetables, including corn, peas, spinach, parsley, fresh peppers, green beans, carrots, apples, oranges, bananas, and more. Feed all vegetables fresh or frozen, but never canned. Some may also enjoy dried red hot chili peppers. Don’t feed your bird chocolate or avocados. These foods have been implicated in the death of many birds and should not be fed to Red-bellied. A preventive for all diseases is good hygiene. Baths, clean cages, and food and water dishes – make this your priority.   Temperament   Red-bellied parrots are very social and active birds. A well-socialized red-bellied will be quite friendly and will even enjoy being petted, especially on its neck or head. These birds are also very smart and love to climb.



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