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Hawk Headed Parrot  for sale 

Hawk-Headed Parrot

Being amongst the rarest and most unusual pet birds today, the Hawk-Headed Parrots are intriguing and highly intelligent pets. They are well known for their deep and complex personalities, bossy behavior and most of all – their intricate and amazing looks. With their often grumpy and mischievous nature, they require a lot of patience and understanding – getting to know your Hawk-Headed Parrot will take a lot of time.

Even if they are often mischievous and bossy little birds, Hawk-Headed Parrots are also fun, cuddly and affectionate – when they want to be.

Being amongst the rarest and most unusual pet birds today, the Hawk-Headed Parrots are intriguing and highly intelligent pets. They are well known for their deep and complex personalities, bossy behavior and most of all – their intricate and amazing looks. With their often grumpy and mischievous nature, they require a lot of patience and understanding – getting to know your Hawk-Headed Parrot will take a lot of time.

Even if they are often mischievous and bossy little birds, Hawk-Headed Parrots are also fun, cuddly and affectionate – when they want to be.

Native Region/Natural Habitat


Hawk-Headed Parrots are one of the earliest parrots to be described, back in the late 1750’s. Their natural home is the Amazon River basin. It spans a broad region in South America, mostly Ecuador, Bolivia, Suriname, Guyana, and Brazil. They inhabit the dense and usually untouched Amazon rainforests where they nest in the canopy and holes in the trees.

Overall Description

These famous parrots are really unique looking, with many distinguishing traits. One of these is their famous imposing red crest, which they can raise and spread out above their head when excited or angry. This gives them another nickname – the Red Fan Parrot.

They are slender and light birds, but still large enough, reaching a length of circa 14 inches (35 centimeters). Even with the abundance of details in their appearance, there is no way to differentiate males from females – they are identical.

Speech and Sounds

The usual sounds that most parrots will pick up are a trait of Hawk-Headed Parrots as well. When playing by themselves, they are usually quiet, with occasional whispers and soft sounds that mimic human speech. But given their grumpiness and a tendency to exert their will, they will get loud and noisy when their wishes are not granted. High pitched caws, piercing whistles and screams are plenty when a Hawk-Headed Parrot gets angry.


There are a lot of details you can spot on your pet hawkhead. Their head is dark brown, speckled with white dots. You can also spot their most distinguishing aspect – the crown at the base of the neck. When fully extended it displays lovely burgundy red feathers with blue endings. The back and wings are a dim, tropical green, while their chests and bellies are dark brown, spotted with different colors that make an intricate pattern.

You’ll be amazed when your pet hawk-head starts showing off – the red fan is their beautiful and unique detail.

Care and Feeding

Besides the commercial seed mixes and store-bought pellets, you will have to add some fruits and veggies to their diet. Meats, nuts, and dairy are also a source of important nutrients and should all be offered to your pet: Hawk-Headed Parrots need a higher fat diet. They won’t hesitate to let you know that your lunch should be shared.

Like most other large parrots, they too love to bathe. Whether in the sink, the shower or a bathing dish, they must have regular baths to keep their feathers clean and hygiene in check.

Health and Common Conditions

A Hawk-Headed Parrot as a pet is certainly a big commitment, but not without its rewards. With a lifespan of up to 40 years, you are in for a long time with your pet. With proper hygiene and diet, as well as enough socializing and peace, these birds will remain healthy and hardy. But like most other parrots, some signs should be observed: apathy, loss of appetite, crusted eyes, or ruffled and lost feathers are all sure signs of sickness.

Aim for optimal conditions such as temperature, no draft, and regular cleaning. Being large birds, they will need a roomy cage, but they are most often left to explore the house. They’ll use this chance to follow you around cuddling or boss you about, depending on their mood.

Hawk-Headed Parrots have complex personalities. Sometimes cuddly, and sometimes grumpy, you’ll get to experience both – like it or not.

Personality & Behavior

There’s a lot to be said about the character of a Hawk-Headed Parrot. They are known for their temper. Not unlike little children, they’ll throw loud tantrums, showing you how angry and grumpy they are. It’s no secret that you will have to get to know your pet and have patience all the while. Once trust is established it will often show off its other side. These are the affectionate, cuddly and quirky aspects that you will grow to love

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Hawk headed parrot for sale

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Talking Hawk headed Parrot Talking Hawk-headed Parrot. The hawk-headed parrot is a colorful bird. Its back, wings and tail are green, and its breast, belly, vent and base of its neck are covered with gray and red feathers, edged in blue. The underside of the tail feathers is black. The bird’s forehead is a creamy white mixed with brown. When scared or excited, hawk-headed parrots can erect their nape feathers, forming a fan above their heads. This display plumage is unique among New World parrots. Species: Deroptyus accipitrinus Other names: Red-fan Vocabulary: 10 words Lifespan: 30-35 years Adults have yellow eyes, a gray bill and black feet, while juveniles have brown eyes and a light-colored bill. Hawk-headed parrots can most frequently be seen perching on high, bare branches displaying their long tails and colorful plumage. Males and females lack sexual dimorphism, meaning they appear identical. Buy Talking Hawk-headed Parrot. Hawk-headed parrots are playful, cuddly, affectionate and active birds that show a low to moderate talking potential. They love to interact with their owners. Only a few of the individuals speak and when they do the voice is soft and whisper-like. The little guys are sometimes really moody and mischievous. PROS: They are unique, attractive and lively. CONS: Frequent interaction with owners is needed. Can get really aggressive so they are definitely not good for beginner bird keepers. Parrots are beautiful, vocal and expressive birds who are great entertainers. But unfortunately, they are the most abandoned pets by their owners. Many people want to keep parrots because of their exotic-ness and talking ability but fail to calculate the amount of time, affection and money they will need to put for the care of their talking feathery friends. To keep a parrot you need to be really obsessive about them and be willing to keep them even if they fail to talk or be a good pet. Size Hawk-headed parrots are much smaller than other common Amazonian parrots. Birds in the Psittacidae family range in length from 4-40 inches (10-100 centimeters). The hawk-headed parrot is 12-14 inches (30-35 centimeters) long and weighs up to 10.5 ounces (300 grams). Native Habitat Hawk-headed parrots inhabit a large range of South American rainforests in Brazil, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Regionally, they are divided into two subspecies, the accipitrinus north of the Amazon River and the fuscifrons south of the Amazon River. The accipitrinus are commonly known as blue-crowned hawk-heads, with fuscifrons commonly known as Brazilian hawk-heads. Communication Hawk-headed parrots produce a unique range of vocalizations. Food/Eating Habits These parrots are intelligent and creative, with the ability to solve puzzles when foraging for their food. They eat guavas, Inga fruits, berries, seeds, nuts, buds and leaves. At the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, they eat pellets and a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Keepers train the birds using small pieces of fruit and peanuts. Social Structure They are social and are usually found in pairs or small groups of three to seven birds. Reproduction and Development Hawk-headed parrots begin their mating season in December. From December to January, larger foraging flocks separate into nesting pairs. They are monogamous and often select life-long mating partners before they reach sexually maturity. In courtship, male hawk-headed parrots produce musical whistles and bugle-like sounds while flashing their head feathers and bobbing their heads. The female also raises her crest feathers, and both males and females weave their heads from side to side. The nesting season takes place between January and March but varies by region and in some places extends to June. The female lays one to three medium-sized, white eggs in the nest cavity. Hawk-headed parrot parents often use the same nest cavity in an abandoned tree hole for years and may be seen resting in their nest hollow year-round. The female rarely leaves the nest while incubating her eggs for about 26 days. During this time, the male cares for her. Chicks hatch blind and featherless with pink skin. At first, chicks are helpless. Both parents help feed and raise the young. Wild chicks fledge at 10-12 weeks old.



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