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Moluccan cockatoo

Moluccans would like nothing more than to be sewn to your body 24 hours a day. They crave attention and love, and can become obsessive because of this trait.

The Moluccan cockatoo is a favorite among bird fanciers due to its striking appearance and wonderful temperament. Moluccans are also called salmon-crested cockatoos because of the salmon-pink feathers that comprise most of their head crest, which they will display when they are excited, angry, afraid, or thrilled with something.

The Moluccan is a large bird, one of the largest white cockatoo species, but can range in size, reportedly because the region in which they are found in the wild is large enough to support sub species. The Moluccan cockatoo is a rosy-pink color, with the depth of the pinkness varying per individual. The feet and beak are black, but are generally covered with powder down, which make them look gray — don’t worry, this is absolutely healthy.

Native Region / Natural Habitat


Moluccan cockatoos are native to the south Moluccas and eastern Indonesia. The live in lowland forests and their wild diet includes seed, fruit, nuts as well as insects. 

Care & Feeding

House your Moluccan in the largest cage you can afford because they are large birds and need a lot of space. The cage also needs to be sturdy enough to prevent a Moluccan cockatoo from destroying it.  These are very social animals, and get along well with each other, so if you are not home often, you may want to consider getting two. This should not affect their pet quality. However, nesting Moluccan cockatoos are notorious for killing their mates — they are known for bird-on-bird aggression in a breeding situation.

Food for cockatoos should be nutritious, but should also include a foraging element as well. Cockatoos are fun-loving, intelligent and energetic parrots, and their food should reflect those traits. Wild cockatoos forage all day for seeds and nuts, as well as coconuts and grain crops. Like all companion parrots, cockatoos do not thrive on birdseed alone. Cockatoo food shouldn’t be boring to eat, either, and will love foods like Avi-Cakes, Pellet-Berries, Nutri-Berries, and Lafeber’s Premium Daily Diet Pellets.

Personality & Behavior

Moluccans would like nothing more than to be sewn to your body 24 hours a day. They crave attention and love, and can become pests because of this trait. They are not very good at “playing alone” and will constantly vie for your attention. If you have the attention to give, great — you will have a happy bird. They are the perfect bird for a shut-in, or someone who is home much of the day. All they want is to be held and cuddled all the time.

Like most cockatoos, Moluccans are incredibly sensitive and can become neurotic and upset when they are neglected. They are prone to self-mutilation due to this sensitivity, and they hate confinement — the owner of a Moluccan had better provide for a lot of out-of-cage time daily. A large playgym, or even a habitat-type enclosure would suit a Moluccan well. Moluccans are quite destructive, so be prepared to replace the play gym and perches often — and never let a Moluccan near your furniture.

Moluccans are not known biters, but they have very powerful beaks, and care should be taken around small children. Remember, even though your bird is sweet as honey (and Moluccans are), if it has a mouth, it can bite.

Speech & Sound

In terms of noise, the Moluccan cockatoo can out-volume and out-yell any other bird. They seem to scream for no reason, whether they are happy or afraid, and even in the middle of the night! Because of their loud voice, they seem to be given away or become neglected more than any other species of bird — it takes a very special household (and special neighbors) to be able to live peacefully with a Moluccan. They are not known to be great talkers, but they will mimic a few words—actually, they will be more likely to yell them. But talking is not why people love Moluccan cockatoos — this bird is most prized for its affectionate nature.

Health & Common Conditions

Moluccan cockatoos are prone to picking at or pulling out their feathers is not offered sufficient mental stimulation. Other diseases/conditions found in cockatoos include psittacine beak and feather disease (PBFD), fatty liver disease and obesity if fed a diet too high in fat.

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Moluccan Cockatoos for sale Moluccan cockatoo for sale near me The Moluccan Cockatoo, originating in Indonesia, is one of the largest white cockatoos. Usually, females are larger than males, and they are all monogamous by nature. Presently their numbers are rapidly decreasing in the wild due to their habitat loss. The Moluccan cockatoo is a very intelligent and sensitive bird. They are the largest among the Cockatoos. Moluccan Cockatoos are sensitive in nature. Though these birds are better off n the wild, they can become great pets with proper training. These birds have a hard beak and a loud voice. The Moluccan Cockatoo has white-pink feathers with a definite peachy glow, a slight yellow on the underwing and underside of the tail feathers, and a large retractable recumbent crest which it raises when threatened, revealing hitherto concealed bright red-orange plumes to frighten potential attackers. Temperament The Moluccan Cockatoos are very beautiful, intelligent, lovable, and affectionate birds. Moluccans are very aggressive chewers who need a steady supply of toys and perches to destroy. They have extremely destructive beaks. They have piercing, loud voices, which can carry for long distances. They tend to vocalize at least twice each day in the morning and evening and are not suited to either apartment dwellings or closely spaces houses. Moluccans need roomy cages, exercise, and things to keep them busy and not bored. They are one of the species more prone to feather plucking. They can be taught many tricks, and some are excellent talkers. In the early morning and late afternoon, they can be rather loud when they call their flock/family. If you are the right person to adopt a Moluccan Cockatoo, you may well find that you’ve made a friend for life. It can mimic human speech. It’s unusual in that the Moluccan Cockatoo is one of the few “lap birds” and acts more like a dog than a bird sometimes. An untrained Moluccan is better off in the wild. Caring for Moluccan Cockatoos Moluccan cockatoos bond strongly with their owners. If your lifestyle does not allow for this, consider getting two Moluccans. A pair will keep each other entertained. The trade-off is that owning two of these feisty birds is an even more significant commitment than one. Moluccans will do best in the largest cage possible. If you can make the bird’s home an aviary or a full room, your bird will be happier. The cage should be sturdy and able to withstand the cockatoo’s destructive nature. Address its pent-up energy by providing plenty of toys and activity during its daily, supervised playtime. All cockatoos emit a dusty powder. The birds produce it naturally to help preen their feathers. You can expect a light dusting of this powder on any surface the bird is near; be ready to clean often. This powder may be problematic for some people with allergies. Housing Moluccan Cockatoo A steel cage painted with non-toxic colors with a size of a minimum of 2 ft. x 2 ft. x 3 ft is ideal for your cockatoo. The bar spacing should be of ½ inch, making it convenient for the bird to climb as it wishes. The cage should also be free from any possible obstruction for its wings’ movement. Feeding Moluccan Cockatoo In the wild, Moluccans eat seeds, fruits, nuts, and insects. Like all members of the cockatoo family, Moluccans can suffer health problems if they gain too much weight. Since Moluccans are not getting as much exercise as they would if they were in the wild, owners need to ensure these birds get a well-balanced diet and cut back on high-fat foods like seeds. A formulated pellet diet should make up 75 percent of its food source. The other 25 percent should be bird-safe fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, apples, carrots, and kale. Thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables to protect your bird against pesticides and bacteria. To start, offer approximately 1/4 cup of formulated diet and 1/4 cup of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. If the bird consumes all of its food, add small amounts as desired. Treats such as seeds, nuts, and table foods may be given in small quantities, especially as rewards for good behavior. Never feed birds avocados or chocolate, as these foods are toxic to them. Types of cockatoos Bare-Eyed Cockatoo,Black Palm Cockatoo,Citron Cockatoo,Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo,Goffin's Cockatoo · Major Mitchell's Cockatoo,Moluccan cockatoo,umbrella cockatoo Breed:moluccan Cockatoo Age: N/A Shipping: Free (spend $2000 above) Reservation: accepted



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