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Blue Headed Pionus Parrot for Sale

Breed: Pionus Parrot

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Blue Headed Pionus Parrot for Sale


Blue Headed Pionus for sale

Cute blue headed pionus for sale

Blue headed pionus for sale, one of the most well known and popular of the Pionus parrots, the Blue-headed Pionus are active, intelligent and inquisitive. Though they are not known to be the best talkers, they make up for this with their friendly disposition and fun antics. The Blue-headed Pionus is noted for its gentle nature and can become a very devoted pet, sometimes bonding fiercely to their owner.

They are considered an excellent bird for a beginning parrot owner, and because they are generally calm and quiet, they are also a great pet for people who live in apartments or in close proximity to neighbors where noise can be a problem.

They have a uniform green plumage with a bright blue head, black feathers over the ears, and throat feathers with varying amounts of pink. Like many of the Pionus, the Blue headed Pionus does not get it full coloring until it is mature, but when it does its beautiful feathers have an almost iridescent quality.

There is quite a variation in coloring from bird to bird, with some having a darker shade of blue on the head and more or less of the pinkish coloring on the throat. They have the bright red undertail feathers distinguishable to all the pionus. The beak is a dark grey color getting red close to the head, the eye is dark brown with a light grey eye ring, and they have pale greenish-grey legs.


Care and feeding Blue Headed Pionus for sale


A Pionus diet consisting of a good parrot mix which includes formulated foods, a variety of seeds, and dried fruits is generally regarded as a suitable base to provide nutrition and variety. Along with this, provide a daily supplement of fresh fruits and vegetables.
They are active by nature and can become overweight if confined. Like the Amazon parrots they require a low fat diet. Good Pionus bird care starts with providing a good diet.

Bird Food:
Foods available for Pionus parrots include formulated diets, either pelleted or extruded, seed only diets, and parrot mixes which offer a mixture of both. There are pros and cons to feeding only a formulated diet as well as feeding only a seed diet.

Formulated Diet
A formulated diet provides a good nutritional base so does not require the addition of vitamins, however it does not contain the phytonutrients (antioxidant pigments) that are found in vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds. Phytonutrients are believed to boost the immune system, help a body to heal itself, and to prevent some diseases. Also parrots can become bored with a formulated diet due to the lack of variety.

Seed Diet
A seed only diet offers much more variety but requires additional vitamin and calcium supplements. Variety is important in the diet for psychological enrichment.

Fruits Supplements such as apples, pears, plums, cherries, grapes, oranges, bananas, mangos, papayas, and berries such as strawberries and blueberries. Vegetables are also good supplements such as carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, many garden vegetables, and even dandelions and chickweed. Do not feed avocado as it may be toxic to birds!

Give your Pionus fresh drinking water every day.
Bird Baths:
The personal hygiene of your Pionus parrot includes a regular shower for good plumage and skin condition


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Blue Headed Pionus Parrot for Sale

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Breed: Pionus Parrot Age: N/A Shipping: Free (spend $1000 above) Reservation: accepted

Beautiful Blue Headed Pionus Parrot

(2 Reviews)
Breed: Pionus Parrot Age: N/A Shipping: Free (spend $1000 above) Reservation: accepted

Blue Headed Pionus Parrot

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Breed: Pionus Parrot Age: N/A Shipping: Free (spend $1000 above) Reservation: accepted

Bronze winged pionus for sale

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Temperament The bronze-winged pionus for sale is known for having a calm disposition for a parrot. This often makes the species an excellent choice for apartment dwellers, as well as for families with children. These birds tend to form solid bonds with their owners and revel in being able to spend time with them. This means they need plenty of social interaction. So if you are interested in adopting one of these birds, make sure you can devote a few hours each day to playing and interacting with your pet. If you don’t, the bird might become upset and resort to unwanted behaviors, such as self-mutilating feather plucking or skin picking. Some bronze-winged pionus tend to become one-person birds, showing extreme devotion to one or a couple of people and shunning attention from other people. If you adopt a young bronze-winged pionus, your entire family should interact with the bird regularly to lessen the chance of this type of behavior. These parrots are quite intelligent, though only some will end up learning how to mimic words and noises with consistent training. This species is not known to be a big talker or a loud noisemaker. Speech and Vocalizations Considered one of the quieter parrots, our bronze-winged pionus for sale have a docile disposition. They are not known for raising a ruckus or being demanding. With a bit of patient training, your pet might learn to mimic some basic sounds. However, words are not their forte. Caring for the Bronze-Winged Pionus These parrots are not exceptionally large, but you should still set up your feathered friend with the largest accommodations you can manage. A medium-size cage (at least 24 inches by 24 inches by 36 inches) is acceptable, though these energetic birds would appreciate an even larger space to stretch their wings and move around. Provide toys to keep them entertained; this species is particularly fond of swings. Moreover, many pionus parrots enjoy frequent baths and water play. They even enjoy going into the shower with you. Regular bathing helps to keep their plumage in good condition.

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